The Perks of Using the Whizzinator

The Whizzinator is an artificial penile device that a user straps around their waist. The device can store urine. If you need to simulate urination while wearing the Whizzinator, just squeeze it to release the stored urine. Here, we take a look at the features that make the Whizzinator useful, and how you may benefit from using it. Read more great facts on  synthetic urine, click here. 

Easy to Wear

The Whizzinator is designed to be easily strapped around the waist. It's trouble-free wearing lets you comfortably use it as you'd wish.

Natural Appearance

The tool is designed to look like a natural body part , so it's not conspicuous at all. You need it to look natural to make it difficult for people to know what's exactly going on. The good thing with this tool is that you're given numerous colors to choose from to go with your skin tone. The major color options you can find include white, Latino, brown, black, and tan. Picking the right color eliminates conspicuousness, helping you relax while wearing the Whizzinator.

If using it in front of several people, nobody will tell you're up to something without unusually paying attention to it. Still, when you look at it, it is not common for any person, be it a mate or stranger, to examine your genitals for "originality" while you utilize for peeing in a common restroom. Therefore, what's important is to raise your head high and coolly deploy your Whizzinator without thinking about the likelihood of attracting any unwarranted attention.

The New Valve System

For confident application, the best Whizzinator not only has to appear natural, but it's urine release mechanism must be straightforward. A device with the valve system that's requires only squeezing to release urine is very suitable for this purpose. You may use the mechanism without fear as it is both noise-free and covert.

Availability of Fake Urine

After you've filled your Whizzinator with fake urine, the device is ready for application as though it's an actual human body part. The urine is identical to the natural pee, so again, nobody will notice the difference. Usually, such urine is produced in expert labs.

Additionally, the fake urine is safe for application and does not put the user of the Whizzinator at the danger of catching any sexually transmitted disease. Thanks to the existence of different lab urine products in the market, you're spoilt for choice.

Different Ways to Use it

There are various objectives for any person wishing to buy and utilize the Whizzinator. Maybe you're facing a urine test, or just want fun. This is also a great prank tool if you're up to it.

For sure, the Whizzinator is the perfect toy when you're after a product akin to a real human body part to help replicate the natural act of urinating. Please view this site for further details.